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Super Mongo Mover

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  • ships UPS

  • easily move portable restrooms and some hand washing stations

  • carry ADA handicapped restrooms

  • no folding forks amd no hinge at ground level to get jammed with rocks and dirt

  • stands upright to be easily pushed under restroom  (no folding forks which allow hand truck to fall over)

  • one person operation

  • perfect ergonomics and balance

  • reduce operator injuries: the Super Mongo Mover carries all the weight of the restroom

  • reduces stress and wear on restrooms by picking them up and supporting them from the bottom

  • Only anodized aluminum touches the upper part of the restroom so never any rust stains on your restrooms.

  • available with 4, 6 or 8 wheels

  • air tires or solid urethane foam tires

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  • anodized aluminum frame rails for light weight and strength

  • welded main frame & handle, powder coat painted

  • adjustable handle height

  • 82” tall when standing upright

  • 35" wide at the wheels

  • 48” long, removeable alloy spring steel forks to carry restroom, ends are fully rounded, plated for corrosion resistance

  • Forks are spaced 24” apart

  • 500 pound maximum capacity


Easily carry the Super Mongo Mover on the bumper of your truck.   No folding needed!

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Carry full size ADA restrooms.  It balances when tipped back.

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2 Axel 4 Wheel BW NB Small.jpg
4 Wheel
2 Axel 6 Wheel BW NB Small.jpg
6 Wheel
2 Axel 8 Wheel NB SM.jpg
8 Wheel
Air Tire Models
Model    Description              Price

1532       4 air tire                      $880

1533       6 air tire                       $940

1534       8 air tire                       $1020

Air Tires:
  • has inner tube to reduce chance of flats

  • greaseable ball bearings

  • less expensive

  • longer lifespan

FOAM tire models
Model    Description              Price

1537       4 FOAM tire                      $910

1538       6 FOAM tire                      $1030

1539       8 FOAM tire                      $1140

Foam Tires:
  • solid urethane foam tire

  • can never go flat

  • upgraded precision bearings

  • more expensive

  • has shorter lifespan

Mongo Mover Options

Tilt Strap.jpg
#1501  Tilt Strap      $10

Provides an extra hand hold.  Great for shorter or lighter weight operators that need a bit more leverage to tip back heavy restrooms.

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