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Air Tire small.jpg

Air Tire Assembly  $45 ea.

includes: bearings, rim, inner tube & tire assembled & inflated
Foam Tire I small.jpg

Foam Tire Assembly  $65 ea.

includes: bearings, rim, flat free urethane foam tire, assembled

All Mongo Mover frame parts and hardware (nuts & bolts) for all current model movers are available.  Call for pricing and availability.

Bearings small.jpg

Wheel Bearing  $4 ea.

an upgrade high precision, sealed wheel bearing, 3/4" bore for all Mongo Mover wheels, each wheel uses two

Mongo Mover Forks

SB-1  for Super Bounce Ride Mongo Movers 7/8" dia x 30" long

MM-26 for chair moving Mongo Movers and small bounce ride movers, 3/4" dia x 33" long

SMM-38 for portable restroom Super Mongo Movers, 7/8" dia x 48" long




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