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Super Bounce Ride Mongo Mover Tall

SB Tall 3.jpg
SB Tall 4.jpg
SB Tall 5.jpg
  • 8" longer wheelbase than the regular bounce ride Mongo Mover for better stability when carrying larger inflatables.

  • larger diameter forks are 25% stronger than the small bounce ride Mongo Mover

  • ships UPS

  • easily move bounce rides and tent canvas

  • anodized aluminum main frame rails for strength and light weight

  • main frame & handles are welded steel & powder coat painted

  • adjustable handle height

  • fenders to help prevent canvas from rubbing on tires and helps keep ride centered on the Mongo Mover

  • available with 4 or 6 wheels

  • available with air or solid foam tires

  • handle height is adjustable

  • 82” height

  • width at main wheels:

    • Four wheel models 25"

    • Six wheel models 33"

  • 7/8” diameter x 30” long alloy, spring steel forks to carry ride

  • fork ends are fully rounded to minimize risk of cutting or scuffing ride

  • forks are spaced 15" apart

  • Weight capacity: 800 pounds for models with 6 wheels ; 500 pounds capacity for models with 4 wheels

Air Tire Models
Model    Description              Price

1262        4 air tire                      $870

1263        6 air tire                       $950

Air Tires:
  • has inner tube to reduce chance of flats

  • hand truck grade ball bearings

  • less expensive

  • longer lifespan

FOAM tire models
Model    Description              Price

1267        4 FOAM tire               $930

1268        6 FOAM tire               $1040

Foam Tires:
  • solid urethane foam tire

  • can never go flat

  • upgraded precision bearings

  • more expensive

  • has shorter lifespan

4 Wheel Fender Area 50.JPG

Four wheel models have two wheels on the front axel.  Six wheel models have four wheels on the front axel in tandem arrangement.

6 Wheel Closeup 50.JPG
6 Wheel Front 50.JPG
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