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The Stack-Pal chair spacers are mounted on the back side of folding wooden chairs, four per chair, to help them stack more easily allowing you to move & store folding wooden chairs more like a normal metal frame folding chair.  The Stack-Pal spaces the chairs apart to help prevent rubbing and the tab on the side helps stabilize the stack of chairs.

Chair Stacking Spacer

Model #3400

                   Price Per

1-14                     $60

15-39                  $55

40+                     $52

Chair Darker.jpg
  • fits chair frames 13/16” (.8125”) or less in width

  • helps prevent chair damage

  • allows folding wooden chairs to be stacked for storage & transport

  • permanently mounts to the back side of chair legs with stainless steel screws (provided)

  • small, unobtrusive and professional looking

  • Each pack does 25 chairs (100 Stack-Pal spacers, 100 stainless steel mounting screws)

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