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Bounce Ride Mongo Mover - Small

This is our smallest bounce ride Mongo Mover.  It is well suited to smaller bounce rides and tent canvases up to about 350 pounds.  It is great at maneuvering inside buildings and through narrow doorways and gates with it’s narrow frame and short wheelbase.

Standing Alone.JPG
  • anodized aluminum frame rails

  • welded steel lower frame and handle, powder coat painted

  • fenders over front wheels to protect canvas from rubbing on front tires

  • handle height is adjustable up to 62” maximum height

  • 3/4” diameter forks 34" long

  • forks are spaced 14 3/4" apart center to center

  • fork tips are fully rounded, no danger of cutting or scraping of canvas

  • width at main/front wheels: 28"

  • width at rear/tilt axle wheels: 21"

  • 500 lb maximum capacity when load is centered 9"  from the main axle

  • available with air tires or solid urethane foam tires

Model    Description              Price

1032       4 air tire                      $750

1037       4 FOAM tire               $810

Air Tires:
  • has inner tube to reduce chance of flats

  • hand truck grade ball bearings

  • less expensive

  • longer lifespan

Foam Tires:
  • solid urethane foam tire

  • can never go flat

  • upgraded precision bearings

  • has shorter lifespan

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Tilting 2.JPG
Tilting 3.JPG
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