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Mongo Mover

  • Easily move folding chairs, dish racks and folding tables.

  • Move inflatable bounce ride and tent canvases.  (The optional #1004 wheel fender kit is recommended.)

  • Balances on it's four wheels when tipped back so the Mongo Mover carries all the weight.

  • Only anodized aluminum touches your chairs so never a fear of rust stains.

  • Alloy aluminum frame and high strength steel frame for maximum strength while still being light in weight.

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Model    Description              Price

1022       4 air tire                      $820

1027       4 foam tire                 $880

  • 60" high anodized aluminum chair stack guides

  • alloy steel fork rods to lift from the bottom like a forklift, 34" long

  • forks are spaced 14 3/4" apart center to center

  • overall width at main/front wheels: 28"

  • width of tilt/rear axel wheels: 21"

  • 65 pounds assembled weight

  • Ships via UPS in two boxes

Air Tires:
  • has inner tube to reduce chance of flats

  • hand truck grade ball bearings

  • less expensive

  • longer lifespan

  • solid urethane foam tire

  • can never go flat

  • upgraded precision bearings

  • more expensive

  • has shorter lifespan

Foam Tires:

NOTE: The building, handsome guy, chairs, Chair-Pal pallets and straps are not included.

MM Tables.jpg

Move tables; round and rectangle.

MM Dish Racks.jpg

Move stacks of dish racks.

Mongo Mover Options

Alum Plate.JPG
#1011 Aluminum Mongo Plate   currently unavailable
  • works with chair moving Mongo Movers

  • Allows Mongo Mover to carry furniture dollies, boxes and anything with small wheels.

  • 35" long x 19.5" wide

  • all aluminum construction

  • ramp on front edge so items with small wheels can roll onto Mongo Plate

  • side lips on three sides prevent wheeled items from rolling off

  • A foot on the bottom holds the Mongo Plate off ground so the Mongo Mover hand truck can easily slide underneath even when the Mongo Plate is loaded.

#1004 Fender Kit   $45
Fender 1.JPG
  • kit adds fenders over the front wheels of the Mongo Mover

  • helps prevent tent canvases and bounce ride canvas from rubbing on tires

  • sturdy steel construction

  • kit includes: two fenders, mounting hardware 

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