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Hitch Hauler

Model #1600                  


  • does not block vehicle’s tailgate or rear door

  • easily installed and removed by one person without tools

  • slim size protrudes only about 25” past receiver when not carrying restroom

  • can carry the Super Mongo Mover hand truck with or without a restroom

  • ships UPS

  • carries one portable restroom

  • restroom must have pallet “feet” sticking out from edge of restroom

  • fits into standard 2” Reese style hitch receiver

  • carries restrooms up to 45.5" wide

  • weighs 52 pounds

  • heavy duty welded steel construction, powder coat painted

  • 4 attach points for tie-down straps

  • does not block your vehicles tail lights

  • DOT approved reflective tape

loading 1.jpg

Tip restroom up onto the Hitch Hauler.

loading 2.jpg

Slide the restroom forward.

HH w SMM cropped small.jpg
SMM on HH 2.jpg

NOTE:  Does NOT carry;

PolyJohn Fleet

Five Peaks Aspen

Five Peaks K2

Five Peaks Glacier

John on HH 1.jpg

Securely strap the restroom in place with the included 2" heavy duty ratchet strap.

John SMM on HH 2.jpg

Tabs on the Hitch Hauler engage the restroom's pallet to help hold it in place.

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