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Model #4015
Quantity    Price Each

1-14                     $28

15-39                  $25

40+                     $24

  • 39" long x 18" wide x 55" high

  • one end has a hook & loop closure slit 45" long to make it easier to put cover over a stack of chairs

  • hook & loop buckle for extra security

  • covers most standard folding metal chairs,  folding wood chairs and folding resin chairs

  • fits most stacks of 50 folding metal chairs or 25 to 35 folding wooden or resin chairs

  • non-woven polyester material

  • water resistant breathable fabric allow chair stack to dry and "breathe" to help prevent mildew while still helping protect from rain

  • bottom edge is hemmed for durability

  • These covers are perfect for keeping your chairs clean during storage in the warehouse.  Because of their light weight and no padding we do not recommend that they be used when transporting chairs.

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